Remember how differently time passed when you were twelve years old? One summer was a whole lifetime and each day passed like a month does for you now. For everything was new: each day held experiences and emotions that you had never encountered before, and by the time that summer was over you had become a different person. Perhaps you felt a wild freedom then that has since deserted you: you felt as if anything could happen, as if your life could end up being virtually anything at all. Now, deeper into that life, it doesn't seem so unpredictable. The things that were once new and transforming have long since lost their freshness and danger, and the future ahead of you seems to have already been determined by your past.
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happy holidays everyone

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caption dat ass (at St. Francis Brewery & Restaurant)

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one of my favourite photos

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Peter Krauskopf

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I did not expect to be me for an entire lifetime.
Don Nace

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